The world of chess

The history of the Queen.

Like most people, and even chess players, I never knew the history of the Chess Queen.

The Queen originally moved only one space. The major changes in the status of the Queen’s ability to move on the chessboard occurs during the 15th century which corresponded, very logically, with the emergence of powerful real Queens, like Elizabeth I of England and Isabella of Spain. no longer with the Queen restricted to a single space move, by combining the attribute of the Rook and the Bishop, the new Queen emerges as the most powerful piece on the board.

The Queen’s modern status on the chessboard is documented during Queen Isabella I’s reign, perhaps motivated by her great political power. The disbursements of this new chess rule are rather remarkable. The timing of its emergence corresponds to major historical events. No doubt the invention of printing assisted in the natural proliferation of this newfound status of the Queen on the chessboard…  interestingly it is widely believed that the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain, is in fact the second historical event, that benefited the spread of this new chess rule. The Jews spread throughout Europe the Middle East and beyond, bringing in with them as a well renowned intellectual pastime. With the growth of the Jewish Diaspora, the natural infusion of this new groundbreaking chess rule grew throughout the chess-playing world.

Marilyn Yalom.


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