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We provide accredited professional business consulting services to entrepreneurs and startups so they can make the right business moves

Why is professional business consulting crucial for success?

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Most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of believing that they do not need professional business advice at the beginning of the venture. A wise team choice for any startup venture should include a professional manager and financier at the very beginning, in order to increase the likelihood of success.
We help you avoid common costly mistakes that can derail a brilliant vision.
Our experience and knowledge assist you to by-pass potentially common errors.
Our mission is to help you by pass costly mistakes.

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We are accredited professional business consultants
We provide world class financial and managerial services



of international experience that ranged from New York to London


world contacts

An international database of leading firms in their respective industry

$72 million

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Our advantages

We’ve done it ourselves idea to exit.

Our experience will help you to avoid common every day mistakes that can destroy a promising idea.
  • Our extensive experience will save you time and most importantly coastly mistakes

  • In house world-class management team 24/7 at your service

  • Internationals business connections with offices in London, New York and China

  • We are professional fundraisers with 30+ years of investment banking background

  • We are accredited professionals from world class universities

  • We have gone through the steps of bringing ideas to money

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Professional team

Technion, Hebrew University and the University of Chicago, our team comprises of world-class academic excellences.


The team is made up of premier leaders in the scientific and financial community.

We have assembled a team of accredited professionals from a host of disciplines in order to create the ideal environment for solving the challenges of entrepreneurs and startups.
Old school PhD’s and young innovative talent creates the ideal team to address the challenges and problems faced by entrepreneurs.

Nir S. Muller

Attorney NY-Israel

  • • A 40+ year expert on the US economy.
  • • BA in economics Northwestern University.
  • • MA in economic history the University of Chicago.
  • • Jurist Doctor the University of Illinois.

Advice for startups

How to avoid common startup mistakes

Our clients

Consultants work for (consulting) firms or as freelance contractors.

Work for (consulting) firms or as freelance
Consalting services

Work for (consulting) firms

For (consulting) firms or as freelance contractors
Firms or as freelance contractors.


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