Document Generation: Streamlining Your Business Processes

We provide professional writing capabilities for fundraising and internal structure.

  • Executive summary.
  • Business plan.
  • GNAT

Document generation for professional reading is expertise.

Poor documents = no $

Document generation is where entrepreneurs make most of their mistakes.

  • Overestimating market size.
  • Inability to articulate the true product..
  • The inability to understand what investors are truly looking for.
  • The language of bankers versus venture capital.
  • Placing emphasis on show rather than substance.
  • Inability to articulate the step-by-step process truly needed to convince an investor of the team’s ability to execute the plan.
  • These and others are typical mistakes made by entrepreneurs in their executive summaries business plans and other start-up documents.

The nine fundamental legal documents you need to have in place before you start your start up.

  1. Business Plan
  2. Partnership Agreement
  3. LLC Operating Agreement
  4. Buy/Sell Agreement
  5. Employment Agreement
  6. Employee Handbook
  7. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  8. Non-Compete Agreement
  9. Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Why is professional business consulting crucial for success?

Professional business consulting provides expert insights, innovative solutions, and tailored strategies, essential for navigating complex market dynamics and achieving success.

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Most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of believing that they do not need professional business advice at the beginning of their venture. A wise team choice for any startup venture should include a professional manager and financier right from the start, in order to significantly increase the likelihood of success.