Fundraising: Securing Your Business Future

You are more likely to raise money with CBC as part of your team. Having a sound financial business consultant has a member of your team is regarded as one of the critical factors investors look at when investing.

We don’t only assist you in the fundraising process, we also advise.

There are many pitfalls in the fundraising process.


Fundraising is a high skilled profession. In fact, most referred to it “as an art”. Like any profession it requires experience knowledge and savvy

Fundraising is time-consuming. Time which is better spent by the entrepreneur on R&D, marketing, and general growth of the business.

Most entrepreneurs are not aware of the fact that fundraising begins before you need the money.

We have in place an efficient fundraising platform.

We prepare startups to be ready for investment
Step 1: Investment-Readiness we waste valuable resources in fundraising.

Step 2: Fundraising Execution we accompany you throughout the fundraising process, from finding the right investors to negotiations and closing. We don’t just bring the money to the table we maintain a constant and vigilant supervision and the entire process with your interest in mind.

Step 3: on hand CFO
from the inception of your venture we provide a full-service CFO that will walk with your hand-in-hand throughout the process.

Entrepreneurs make many mistakes in the process of fund raising.

  • Unprofessional documents.
  • Team placement.
  • Strategic versus dumb money
  • Misplaced focus in the presentation.
  • Inability to articulate in brief the outline and execution.
  • Internal hierarchy: profit versus voting rights.
  • and the biggest of them all arguing over valuation when selling stock.
  • Etc.






Why is professional business consulting crucial for success?

Professional business consulting provides expert insights, innovative solutions, and tailored strategies, essential for navigating complex market dynamics and achieving success.

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Most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of believing that they do not need professional business advice at the beginning of their venture. A wise team choice for any startup venture should include a professional manager and financier right from the start, in order to significantly increase the likelihood of success.